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Speedkore Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 2 1000x575 1
The Demon just got itself a tailored carbon-fiber suit!


2018 SEMA Show: 1,200 HP Speedkore Dodge Demon Is All Carbon-Fiber

The Dodge Demon may be gone. But that didn’t stop Speedkore from transforming one into a carbon-fiber loaded monster from Hell.

It’s hard to make an all-conquering muscle car more badass. But Speedkore did just that by taking the Dodge Demon and then putting it through a weight-loss and muscle-building programme. The end result is what you see in the pictures.

Okay, it looks pretty much like the donor car. But do note that its body panels have been replaced with carbon-fiber. That includes the bumpers, fenders, hood, roof, quarter panels, door panels, front splitter, mirror caps, trunk lid, trunk spoiler and fender flares. Well, that’s more or less the entire body of the car. Inside, carbon fiber door panels and a SpeedKore 14-point roll cage indicate that this Demon on steroids means business.

Speedkore Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is one heavy muscle car, tipping the scales at somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 tonnes. This bad boy on the other hand is obviously lighter, given the generous use of carbon-fiber. But Speedkore hasn’t declared the new weight.

The Speedkore Demon also got to gain from the tuning and performance mods that 6.2-liter HEMI V8 received from its new friends. Adding a bigger supercharger, upgraded throttle body, new fuel injectors and a cold air intake made sure that the Demon engine’s power shot up from 840 hp to 980 hp on the dyno and 1,200 hp at the crank.

Suspension, transmission and brakes have been left in their stock form, which is a bit surprising. But Speedkore has plans to work on those in future. So a more potent version of this Demon is on the way.

Running on 20-inch HRE wheels shod with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires,the Speedkore Dodge Demon is one of the major highlights at the 2018 SEMA Show, Las Vegas.

Source: Speedkore

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