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Huracan-Dallas Performance-quarter mile run


2000 HP Lamborghini Huracan Does a Quarter-Mile in Under 8 Seconds

The Lamborghini Huracan is a fast car by any measure, just not fast enough for tuning companies who go out and about while modding the supercar. We have already seen 1000+ horsepower Huracans break half-mile records. Speaking of which, this white car tuned by Dallas Performance holds the half-mile top speed record of 208.2 mph. Not content with just the half-mile record, the tuner brought the extensively tuned car out at a Florida Drag Racing event to see how fast it can conquer the quarter-mile. The results were astonishing.

The car ran the quarter-mile in a mind-blowing 7.916 seconds at 186 mph. 0-60 mph came in just 1.8 seconds with 60 mph to 130 mph taking 2.6 seconds. For reference, a stock McLaren 720S, does it in 5.3 seconds. The Huracan also managed to do 100 mph to 150 mph in just 2.29 seconds.

The Stage 3 kit on the car adds new cylinder heads, cams, and massive turbos to increase the Huracan’s power output to a massive 2000 horsepower. For its debut at the drag strip, the tuner had also installed 18-inch drag radials.

While the Dallas Performance’s Huracan is certainly quick, it is still a second off the time set by Gidi in his Nissan GT-R Alpha G.

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