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Ferrari F50-Cavalcade-2019-crash


VIDEO: $2.4 Million Ferrari F50 rear ends a 488 Pista Piloti

This unfortunate accident took place during the 2019 Ferrari Cavalcade.

Last year, the good folks on the island of Capri were out on the streets to witness a herd of Maranello’s finest pass through their town. But, no one would’ve thought that they would also witness one of the most expensive supercar crashes.

This amateur video shows the cars driving down a narrow lane. If you look closely, you can barely see a Ferrari J50 pass by. It is followed by a blue 488 Pista Piloti. For some reason, the driver of the Pista stomped on the brakes without realizing that a $2.4 million Ferrari F50 was barreling down the road behind him. You can hear the tires screeching as the F50 driver brakes hard.

Unfortunately, it was too late and the F50 crashed into the Pista. While the Pista did suffer quite a bit of damage, the F50 would require substantial repairs. The completed front end of the supercar was destroyed in the accident and the owner could be looking at a hefty bill.

Image source: @limitedspec via Instagram

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