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Zenvo Aurora V12 hybrid engine-1


Zenvo Aurora to be powered by a V12 quad-turbo hybrid engine!

Zenvo Automotive has partnered with MAHLE Powertrain for its all-new V12 quad-turbocharged engine. It will power its upcoming Aurora hypercar. As you would expect, the specs are rather impressive.

The Zenvo Aurora will come with a 6.6-liter V12 spruced-up with four turbochargers. It generates 1232 hp @ 8000 rpm and will rev to 9800 rpm. That’s not it. Complimenting the internal combustion engine is a hybrid system that adds another 592 hp, for a combined output of 1824 hp.

Zenvo claims that despite such impressive performance figures, the new V12 powertrain complies with US and European emission regulations. Moreover, the engine has a modular design, which could spawn V8 and V6 derivates in the future.

The new quad-turbo V12 hybrid engine will debut on the Zenvo Aurora hypercar, set to be unveiled on August 18, 2023.

As we had reported earlier, the Aurora will be offered in two variants. The ‘Tur’ version is designed for road use and is said to weigh less than 1500 kg, while the ‘Agil’, which will be a track version, could weigh a mere 1300 kg or less.

The production of the Zenvo Aurora is likely to be capped at 100 units.

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