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Zenvo Aurora hypercar with an 1850 hp quad-turbo V12 revealed!

Danish supercar maker Zenvo Automotive has taken the wraps off its latest hypercar – the Aurora.

The Zenvo Aurora is named after the natural phenomena known as the ‘Northern Lights’ or Aurora Borealis. It is the lightest and most powerful road car the company has ever produced.

The Aurora hypercar is based on an all-new ZM1 modular monocoque. It comes in two variants – the aggressively styled ‘Agil’ and the more road-focused ‘Tur’. Both models feature a flowing, aerodynamic chassis design, channelling airflow cleanly over, under and through the structure itself. Being the grand touring variant, the Aurora Tur has a cleaner design, while the track-focused Agil gets a massive rear spoiler and a more focused front end.

At the heart of the Zenvo Aurora is a 6.6-liter quad-turbocharged V12 engine developed by MAHLE Powertrain. It features a 90-degree hot-V configuration. The internal combustion engine is paired with a hybrid system.

The Aurora Tur features three 200 hp electric motors – an integrated e-motor and one on each front wheel. The combined output is 1850 hp @ 9800 rpm and 1254 lb-ft of torque.

The Aurora Agil uses the same engine except for the two electric motors mounted on the front axle. As a result, combined output is restricted to 1450 hp @ 9800 rpm while peak torque is 1033 lb-ft. Both variants use a 7-speed paddle shift gearbox.

According to Zenvo, the track-focused Agil can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 227 mph. On the other hand, the Tur will hit 62 mph in 2.3 seconds and accelerate all the way to 280 mph.

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