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McLaren Senna crash LA-1


Youtuber crashes McLaren Senna while showing off in Los Angeles

A McLaren Senna, which was recently acquired by Youtuber Edmond Mondi, has been wrecked in Los Angeles. Reports suggest that Mondi was trying to show off his new ride when he lost control and crashed into a roadside business.

A video of the crash has been doing the rounds since yesterday. It shows the McLaren Senna doing a donut, before speeding off while spinning its rear wheels. You can then see the driver lose control and crash into the wall head-on.

The video also reveals the damage, which looks quite substantial. The whole front end would need to be rebuilt on this car. Showing off on a public road has clearly cost Mondi heavily, not to mention the hit taken on the car’s value.

Speaking of which, the McLaren Senna cost around $1.3 million when new. This car has several MSO options worth $150,000, which include carbon wheels and a gold exhaust shield.

Source: @6ixty0ne

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