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Drive in Monaco

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Youtube Car Show Drive is now on TV

Drive in Monaco

/Drive in Monaco

Drive is perhaps one of the most followed Youtube channels specializing in car reviews. The team at Drive is dedicated towards provided some intense automotive action from across continents. Chris Harris is the powerslide expert of the team, Mike Musto goes places searching for the meanest muscle cars in America. While, Mike Spinelli with his spaniel-like hair reminds me of the famous James May, I always wonder how Matt Farah manages to fit in a low slung supercar. Managing and coordinating the team of car maniacs is J.F.Musial. He is the brains behind the whole production process with his extensive knowledge of trait and on weekends Leo Parente takes over the studio for some motorsport stories and insights.

So, that’s about the team and /Drive network that brings us all the exciting automotive videos every week. Recently, they got their first break and signed up for a weekly series on NBC Sport. The first episode was aired last weekend which some of the fans and followers of the channel would have missed. Hence, Drive has kindly uploaded Episode 1 of /Drive: Monaco Special on their Youtube channel. You wouldn’t want to miss this one.

/Drive: Monaco Special on NBS Sports:

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