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You can now get a Pagani Huayra R simulator to match your track car

Pagani Huayra R owners can now hone their racing skills on a custom Huayra R simulator before taking their hypercars on an actual racetrack.

Pagani has partnered with Racing Unleashed to develop a high-end racing simulator for its customers. Like their road cars, the sim-rig is also made from carbon fibre, which can be customized to match the actual car.


According to Pagani, their in-house teams have made sure that the simulator provides the feel and feedback of a real Huayra R. The handling is replicated using pitch, yaw and roll motions. A curved screen, VR headphones and a 5.1. audio system helps add to the immersive experience. It features a high-end gaming PC running Assetto Corsa Pro.


According to Pagani’s Vehicle Dynamics Lead, Franco Morsino, “We aimed to create a professional, dynamic driving simulator with an extraordinary level of immersion and realism, intending to contribute to the constant refinement of our customers’ driving styles. Our ambition was to transform it into a genuine design object, a product with artistic value destined to occupy a prominent place within the homes of Huayra R owners.”


The Pagani Huayra R simulator is currently offered exclusively to Huayra owners. However, the company does plan to sell it to others later.

Source: Pagani

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