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Yellow Porsche 911 R For Sale in the US


Yellow Porsche 911 R For Sale in the US

A yellow Porsche 911 R is up for sale in the US. It is one of just 991 units sold and there’s huge demand for it. Naturally, its price in the used car market has skyrocketed. This yellow example can be yours for $1 million.

That’s how much a dealership in California is asking for a rare yellow Porsche 911 R. It comes with a brown interior with matching yellow stitching and yellow brake calipers. So, is it worth spending a million dollars on a Porsche 911 R? Before answering that question, let me first give you a brief idea of what so special about the 911 R.

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Porsche created the 911 R keeping in mind the needs of a true driving enthusiast. A naturally aspirated engine bolted to a perfectly balanced chassis and a sweet-shifting manual gearbox with three pedals to play is what makes the 911 R so special. The engine is from the 991-gen GT3 and is one of the best naturally aspirated motors out there. The axles are also from the GT3, complete with rear-axle steering. The biggest highlight though is the six-speed manual gearbox.

Now, these are the selling points of the 911 R. That said, Porsche will be offering a manual gearbox on the next GT3. This would definitely eat into the value of the 911 R. Hence, the prices of used 911 Rs are expected to go down in the coming months.

So, if you are looking to buy a Porsche 911 R, I would suggest you to wait until the new GT3 is launched.

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