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Yamaha R1M rider takes a tumble as superbike crashes into a canyon

We rarely report about superbikes on this website. But when we saw CJ Media’s recent post about his Yamaha R1M crash, we couldn’t resist. He has been lucky to walk away from an accident of this intensity.

CJ was recently out for a ride in the canyons with his mates. He was riding his 2016 Yamaha R1M, which he rebuilt in his garage a few months back. It was a sunny day, and the tarmac was pristine. But, little did he know the horror he was about to witness.

CJ approached a left-hand bend a little too hot and skidded off the tarmac. He was thrown off the bike and onto the side of the road before landing in a bush. The bike landed a few meters down the mountain. If he hadn’t let go of the bike in time, the outcome would’ve been a lot worse.

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