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WWE Star John Cena owns a Rare 2005 Ford GT

Did you know, WWE star wrestler John Cena owned rare exotic? Well, Cena does seem to have good taste when it comes to cars. He owns a rare 2005 Ford GT and here’s why collectors would like to have it in their garage.

John Cena ordered his Ford GT with a few options that set it apart from the rest. His GT rides on optional forged wheels with red brake calipers. It also has the optional McIntosh audio system installed from the factory. Now, most Ford GT sold have a racing stripe. John wanted a more subtle look, so there are no graphics or decals on this one.

Around 4000 Ford GTs were built and you’d rare find one without those decals. It’s the careful selection of options and the clean looks that make this Ford GT so unique. On top of that, it has just 1250 miles on it.

Apparently, John Cena has a new 2016 Ford GT on order. We can’t wait to see the spec on that one.

John Cena shows off his rare 2005 Ford GT:

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