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Larry Larson Chevy S10


World’s Quickest Street Legal car is a Chevy S10 pickup truck

Larry Larson Chevy S10

Larry Larson Chevy S10

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the world’s fastest pick up truck. It is a Chevrolet S-10 unlike any other and it has just set the fastest time over a quarter-mile. The specially prepared 1998 Chevy S10 twin-turbo pickup truck has been crowed the World’s Quickest Street Legal Car.
The truck made its appearance at the 2014 Hot Rod Drag Week Heads-Up Challenge and set consecutive quick times under partial boost.

With Larry Larson of Larson Race Cars behind the wheel, the 10-liter twin-turbocharged engine was unleashed for one last time and hit the quarter-mile in 6.16 seconds at 219 mph.Mind you, it’s a twin-turbo 10,000 cc engine that powers this beast of a machine and yet it is “street legal” as per rules laid down by HotRod Magazine. Also, this truck is insured and has a Vin number and since it can be driven over 1000 miles without any assistance, HotRod Magazine deems it fit to be street legal. Only in America!

World’s Quickest Street Legal Car video:

Source: 1320video, HotRod Magazine via Youtube and Larson Race Cars
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