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T1 Nissan GT-R R35 record dyno run


World’s Most Powerful Nissan GT-R by T1 Race Development

T1 Nissan GT-R R35 record dyno run

The Nissan GT-R R35 is clearly one of the most sought after cars for tuners. It’s all-wheel drive and packs an engine that can be easily tuned to frankly absurd levels of performance. If you are planning to get a car that’s quickest off the line with a potential to make a zillion horsepower, then get a Nissan GT-R. Oh, and one more thing. Send it over to T1 Race Development.

T1 has just released a video featuring their latest creation- a twin-turbocharged Nissan GT-R with numerous custom modifications. The car was put on the dyno for a quick benchmark run and the results were astounding. The T1 Nissan GT-R made 2276 hp @ 9332 rpm and 1335 lb-ft @ 7484 rpm, OMG!

All of that was recorded at the wheels making it the most powerful Nissan GT-R ever dynoed. After setting a new dyno record, this T1 Nissan GT-R looks all set to break the quarter mile record as well. This Godzilla is yet to visit the drag strip for a quick run, but I’m sure the folks at T1 Race Development are as keen as I am. The current quarter-mile record stands at 7.485 sec set by an R35 GT-R, of course.

T1 Nissan GT-R Record Dyno Run Video:

Source: T1Race via Youtube

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