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Wicked Big Meet 2015

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Wicked Big Meet 2015: Review

Wicked Big Meet 2015

This year ‘Wicked Big Meet’ really stepped up its game.  The Subaru enthusiast gathering held at Stafford Motor Speedway in Connecticut saw its largest attendance at 6,300 Subie fanatics!  Subaru debuted the new ‘Hyper Blue’ color at the event as well as bringing along Dave Higgin’s rally car and the actual race car that just ran in the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring.

The event had a ton of aftermarket companies showing off their latest and greatest items for your Subaru.  Tuners showed off their tuned cars and were a special attraction thanks to the gorgeous booth babes.  They also ran autocross on the track – fun to see folks bring their own cars and race them – even crashing them!

Once you see all that WBM has to offer – some of the best things you will see are actually parked in the parking lot!

Holy Wing Batman!!

Wicked Big Meet 2015

Also, when you go to WBM – selfies are an absolute must!

A dirty rally car is a happy rally car!  Proud that Subaru Rally Team is Vermont based! 🙂

If you are located in the Northeast and want to enjoy a great motoring weekend, consider Wicked Big Meet. It is place full for Subaru enthusiasts and car folks in general. You would definitely love it!

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