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Toyota Supra-drag strip


Why was this Toyota Supra Kicked Out of the Drag Strip?

The driver of this Toyota Supra went to the drag strip to kick some ass but got kicked out instead. So, why was this Toyota Supra booted out?

Well, when it comes to NHRA certified drag strips, there are certain regulations laid down for the safety of those involved. The faster your car, there’s a higher risk of injury during a crash. Hence, cars capable of hitting the quarter mile in under 9.99 sec require a special license to run. Not to mention safety equipment like a roll-cage and harness.

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This Toyota Supra did a 9.8 sec pass and was quite rightly flagged by the marshals. The driver knew the rules of the track and was very much aware of the performance of his machine. So, he was not surprised when he was kicked out for being too fast. In fact, he probably would have bragged about it later.

Toyota Supra gets kicked out of drag strip:

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