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Koenigsegg Gemera-practical hyper-gt


What makes the Koenigsegg Gemera a truly practical hyper-GT?

In his latest video, Mr JWW tries to explore the Koenigsegg Gemera. It is a unicorn in the hypercar segment offering both performance and practicality. In fact, you may be able to take your family along for a short holiday in it.

For starters, the Gemera has four seats, three of which even come with ISOFIX child seat anchor points. Pop open the trunk, and you will find space to store four carry-ons. If that’s not enough, the car can also be fitted with a roof rack and cargo box. Then, there are the small yet significant details like a wireless phone charger and usable cup holders.

The Gemera will be available with two engine options. These include a V8 hybrid that makes 2300 hp and 2028 lb-ft of torque and the so-called “Tiny Friendly Giant engine” – an inline 3-cylinder motor paired with a hybrid system.

The Gemera, therefore, can be described as a sensible car that looks wild and packs an absolutely mental engine.

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