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Huracan STO at Ferrari Fiorano test track


What is a Huracan STO doing at Ferrari’s private test track?

It isn’t unusual for manufacturers to buy a rival brand’s product for R&D or other purposes. However, a Lamborghini testing at Ferrari’s private test track is an extremely rare sight. 

Varyyx captured an olive green Huracan STO lapping the Fiorano test track recently. It’s unclear why Ferrari engineers would be evaluating a rival supercar at this point in time. But, given how aggressively it was being driven, it seems Ferrari could be studying the chassis setup.

The Huracan STO is the most hardcore version inspired by the Huracan Super Trofeo Evo. It packs a 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine that delivers 640 hp and 417 lb-ft. Lamborghini claims the car will do 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds and 0-124 mph in 9 seconds flat.

The STO is an exciting little beast. So much so that even Ferrari’s F1 driver Charles Leclerc ordered one for himself.

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