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What Happens When Random People Ride in a Mclaren 720S?

The Mclaren 720S has proved time and again that it is a fast car. Well, how fast? The 720S can do 0-100 in 2.8 seconds, run a half mile in 15.8 seconds and achieve 300 km/h on an autobahn in less than 20 seconds. But, that’s just numbers. How fast the 720S really is best explained by the reaction of those who got to ride in this mighty supercar.

Daws from the Youtube channel BigDawsTV recently took a Papaya Orange 720S to the streets of Las Vegas to offer strangers a ride in the car. All their reactions are best summed up by a statement made by one guy – “Only those aboard the freakin Millenium Falcon making the jump to hyper space know acceleration like that”, he said.

Check their reactions yourself. This video is worth a watch.

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