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We May Still Get to See a Lexus LFA Successor

“We hear often from our dealers if we can have an LFA successor. So you never know.”

Lexus launched the LFA as a halo supercar back in 2012, with a limited run of 500 cars globally. It was powered by a naturally aspirated 4.8-liter V10 with 552 hp. Due to its rev happy character and the noise produced by the NA V10, the car’s reputation went skyrocketing. More recently, prices of the car in second hand market have been rising rapidly.

The LFA’s production ended in 2012 and enthusiasts are still waiting for a successor. Comments from Lexus executives have hinted that the Toyota subsidiary isn’t eager to develop a new halo car. When Autocar asked Lexus’ Global President Yoshihiro Sawa about the car last year, he said “It’s a very difficult question to answer as I would like to do it, but we have other priorities for now.”

But the latest comment which comes from the brand’s VP and General Manager, Jeff Bracken suggests that the brand might eventually provide a development green light to the LFA successor. “We need more halo representation. We hear often from our dealers if we can have an LFA follow-up. So you never know”, said Bracken while talking to Carbuzz at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. “I think that when we hear so many emotional and high number of requests for a follow-up to LFA, we certainly won’t ignore that. It’s not a closed door.”

While Lexus contemplates on whether to build the LFA successor, the parent company Toyota has already presented a prototype for a hybrid hypercar named Gazoo Racing GR Super Sport at the Tokyo Auto Salon last week.

The latest comment sure sounds positive. We hope Lexus eventually goes on to develop the car and comes up with something as original and exciting as the Lexus LFA was when it launched nine years ago.

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