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Watch the Ferrari Monza SP1 Singing in the Rain in Kuwait

We saw these brief clips of the rare and exotic Ferrari Monza SP1 being casually driven around by its owner, completely disregarding the rains.

Not many owners of an expensive and uber-special supercar will dare to treat it casually. If it’s an exotic machine without a roof, they wouldn’t even dare to take it out when the skies open up. This guy from Kuwait is different though. He owns a priceless Ferrari Monza SP1 which is a $1.75 million piece launched as part of the company’s new Icona series.

And during what appears to be a gathering of supercar owners at what seems to be at first glance a closed-out stretch of road or race track, this chap looks totally fine in letting the rains get into the open cockpit. Any of us would’ve immediately pulled a cover over the single-seater to protect it from being exposed to water.

We spotted the videos on the Instagram handle of Hype Garage. They’ve cited multiple social media handles on the same platform as sources for the videos. Check them all out in the embeds below.

The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 creations have received tons of accolades for drawing design cues from some of the greatest cars to ever bear the Prancing Horse logo. The SP1 is strictly a driver-only version with a tonneau cover closing out the space which is otherwise occupied by a passenger seat in the SP2 model.

Ferrari will be making a total of 499 units of the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 combined. Inspired by the classic 750 Monza, 250 Testarossa and 166 MM, the new-age tribute is powered by the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 taken from the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Both models boast of a 186 mph top speed, aided by the V12 churning out 799 hp of power and 530 lb-ft of torque.

Source: Hype Garage Instagram

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