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Watch as a Pagani Zonda is restored to its original gleam

Pagani Rinascimento will restore your aging Pagani Zonda to a factory fresh look. This video shows the intricate process of restoration.

There are only a few things as exquisitely manufactured as the Pagani Zonda. The whole process, where skilled Italian craftsmen put in parts by hand under Horacio Pagani’s watchful eye is a work of art in itself.

Pagani recently started its new restoration program for the Zonda called ‘Pagani Rinascimento’ where the company will restore old Zondas to their original condition, down to individual bolts if the owners wish to. Pagani released a video to demonstrate how the company does it. As you will learn from this video, the process of restoring the Zonda is no less a work of art.

Working on single car at a time, Pagani’s skilled craftsmen will use original molds and materials to restore the Zonda. Pagani will also document the restoration process in a special Rinascimento book that will be delivered to the owner with the finished car.

Speaking at the launch of the new program, Horacio Pagani stated “Our customers rely on us because we are the only ones in the world capable of rebuilding and restoring Paganis as they came out of our Atelier,” he said. “We want to give our customers the emotion to be thrilled as the first time.”

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