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Watch as Doug DeMuro Reviews the Porsche 918 Spyder

Youtuber Doug DeMuro has reviewed a lot of fast cars on his channel, but never a modern hypercar. Thankfully, a collector came to DeMuro’s rescue offering his 918 Spyder for him to review.

We have watched a lot of reviews of the 918 Spyder but not one which has been as detailed as this one. This particular 918 finished in grey and red came equipped with the Weissach Package which adds more carbon fiber around the body to shed 40 kg. DeMuro explains the cars ‘strange quirks’ and ‘cool features’ as he likes to call them.  According to him, the 918 Spyder is not perfect with some features both inside and outside the car being pointless.


Features aside, it’s the performance that matters when you are driving an 887 hp hybrid supercar. The Youtuber who reviews cars from a rather fanboy perspective, for which his channel is famous for, jumped in joy as he throttled the 887 hp hybrid supercar. DeMuro also raved about the car’s sound, which was rather surprising, considering that the 918 Spyder sounds bleak compared to other hypercars.

So, is the 918 Spyder worth $1.7 million? Watch the video to find out.

Doug DeMuro reviews the Porsche 918 Spyder:

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