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Cardboard Ferrari F1 car-DIY project


Watch as Guy Creates a Ferrari F1 Car Out of Cardboard

The 2018 F1 season is over and it’s still a couple of months before the 2019 season begins. But, F1 fans need not fret as we have brought something that they can amuse themselves with: a DIY F1 car made out of cardboard!

The “How to” video comes courtesy of the Youtube channel The Q which regularly uploads DIY project videos and has more than six million subscribers. According to the creator of this project, it took a total of 250 hours to complete the 1.3:1 scale F1 model, utilizing around 50 square meters of cardboard, more than 100 glue gun sticks and loads of calculations, we are sure. Also, the design of the finished model fully meets 2018/2019 Formula 1 standards, he claims.

Unfortunately, the video is a quick demonstration and not a tutorial on how to make an F1 car from cardboard yourself. People who still want to make an attempt at a recreation will find it hard given the speed of the video. But, it’s fun watching the guy cut out and assemble the cardboard into what eventually turns into an F1 car.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Such a detailed model requires a worthy paint job and then some. He decides to turn his cardboard creation into a Ferrari F1 racer with the red paint finish together with decals of sponsor brands like UPS, Lenovo and Pirelli, and the end result as you will see is downright incredible.

Besides the cardboard F1, the guy has also created F1 cars out of Coca Cola cans and matchsticks, videos of which you’ll find below:

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