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McLaren P1 LM Pikes Peak


Watch a McLaren P1 LM Take on Pikes Peak

The P1 LM is our favorite variation of the McLaren P1. It’s even more extreme than the standard P1 road car and unlike the P1 GTR it’s actually street-legal. Lanzante, the company responsible for the P1 LM recently took the car for a run up the Colorado’s Pikes Peak. The run wasn’t a timed and the car wasn’t being pushed to its limits, but it’s incredible how fast the LM seems even at cruising speeds. The video is filmed mostly from inside the car and the sights and sounds make it worth watching.

Lanzante developed the P1 LM as the spiritual successor to the F1 LM. Similar to the F1 LM, the P1 LM’s production was limited to just six examples. A number of modifications have been made on the P1 GTR’s 986 hp powertrain including a more efficient intercooler and lighter exhaust system. Unlike the P1 GTR, the LM can also run on pump gas. The hypercar has gold-plated heat shields in the engine bay just like its predecessor.

The British motorsports and restoration company has fielded many special McLarens like the F1 GTR race car, that won overall in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. More recently another street-legal version of the P1 GTR called the P1 GT Longtail was unveiled.

Also in March last year, the P1 LM went around the Nurburgring in just 6 min 43.22 sec becoming the fastest street-legal car on the German race track, a record it still holds to this day (The 6 min 44.97 sec lap time set by the Aventador SVJ is for production cars).

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