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Lamborghini Aventador One-piece carbon fiber wheel


Vitesse-AuDessus Launches One-Piece Carbon Fiber Wheels

Ferrari 458 One-piece carbon fiber wheel

We have been reporting about the latest launches from Vitesse-AuDessus – a private firm from Maryland specializing in custom carbon fiber bodywork and other components for supercars. Now the company has launched one-piece carbon fiber wheels to match that lightweight exterior.

Lamborghini Aventador One-piece carbon fiber wheel

Customers can place orders for OEM-spec replacement wheels in one-piece carbon fiber for their prized supercars. Carbon fiber wheels have only now been produced by select high-end car makers in the world. If I am not wrong, Koenigsegg was the first to fit on-piece carbon wheels on the One:1 hypercar. Vitesse-AuDessus have perfected the art of manufacturing these lightweight wheels and customers can even opt for a bespoke design.

Porsche 918 One-piece carbon fiber wheel

Prices for the custom OEM replacement one-piece carbon fiber wheels start at $8,875 each. So if are planning to get your supercar a new carbon exterior, you should at least consider these custom carbon wheels to match the exterior. Alternatively, if you want a bespoke design Vitesse-AuDessus will charge you $10,125 per wheel. It is not surprise that the wheels cost so much as the construction requires utmost care and skill and could take three-four weeks to complete a set.

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Chief Executive Officer


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