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Virginia man shoots 3 people following Ford vs Chevrolet Argument

Well, that escalated really fast. He started shooting people because they didn’t agree with his views in a Ford vs Chevrolet argument. The Virginia man even shot his girlfriend 5 times in the process.

This isn’t supercar news. But when topics like these cross our desks, it’s hard to ignore without making a note. The news is slightly outdated as the event took place on April 23 in Bedford, Virginia. According to Fox 13 and WSET TV reports, 56-year-old Mark Edwin Turner was arrested at 2 AM following reports of shooting at a house in the area.

The cops arrived at the scene to find three people, including Turner’s girlfriend outside with gunshot wounds. A two-hour-long standoff ensued, at the end of which the cops brought him down with a bean bag round and he was taken into custody thereafter. Turner has been charged with felony malicious wounding, use of a firearm in commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

The whole fiasco kicked off when Turner, his girlfriend, her son, and her son’s girlfriend met up for dinner. What was supposed to be a quiet pre-Easter dinner evening turned into one of violence and chaos as Turner and his girlfriend’s son got into a heated argument on which manufacturer is better – Ford or Chevrolet.

Now that’s always a sensitive topic to delve into when hardcore fans are involved. Things can get out of hand quickly when Ford and Chevrolet loyalists begin a debate. In a few minutes, the argument turned into a full-blown fight. Turner’s girlfriend tried to break off the brawl in order to protect her son. But Turner had completely lost it by then, pulling out a knife and stabbing the woman. He ran back into the house, returned with a gun and started shooting at his girlfriend. Five bullets were fired at the woman’s legs. Her son was hit by a bullet on the arm and her son’s girlfriend was hit by two bullets which ricocheted, hitting her in the back and cheek.

Moral of the story? It’s better to back out of a fight if a hardcore manufacturer fan is in play. No matter how much you admire a brand, it really isn’t worth putting your life in the line of fire, literally.

Source: Fox 13, WSET TV

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