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Violet Lamborghini Sian-Qatar Royal-1


Violet Lamborghini Sian from the Qatari Royal Collection

This Lamborghini Sian painted in a brilliant violet shade is from the Qatari royal collection. We think this color really suits the Sian. What are your thoughts?

This Violet Sian belongs to Khalifa Bin Hamad. The official name of this color is Viola Mithras and it is part of the custom palette offered as part of Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program. The wheels are painted in Oro Electrum and have black centre-locking nuts, while the brake calipers are painted in silver. The car also has Ad Personam purple carbon fiber parts in a matte finish as well as a matte carbon fiber roof.

Violet Lamborghini Sian-Qatar Royal-4

The interior of the royal Sian is wrapped in Nero Cosmus and Viola Acutus Alcantara with Bronzo Oreadi stitching and piping. The centre console and door panels have Viola Mithras inserts.  Even the gearshift paddles are painted in purple. The special exterior colour can also be found on the 12 ‘o clock position on the Alcantara steering wheel.

Violet Lamborghini Sian-Qatar Royal-2

This being a royal Lamborghini, you’d expect something more special than just custom paint right? Of course, it has owner’s “khk” logo embroidered on the backrests and on the door panels. The logo is done in Viola Acutus.

Violet Lamborghini Sian-Qatar Royal-3

We’ve seen quite a few violet supercars lately. Youtuber TheStradman has his complete fleet wrapped in violet. Also, one of the most stunning Ferrari Portofinos in California is painted in similar shade.

Source: @sbaaj74 via Instagram

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