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Ford GT-Standing Mile Record-Texas Mile


VIDEO: World’s Fastest Ford GT Hits 293.6 MPH at Texas Mile

Top speed records were broken at the 2017 Texas Mile event. Once again, it was the Ford GT that took the top honors by clocking a top speed of 293.6 mph over the 1 mile course.

The world’s fastest Ford GT is the creation of M2K Motorsports. The car had previously hit 280 mph, but that was not enough and the team knew it could do more. So, they went out and set the new world’s fastest standing mile.

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What is powering this insane Ford GT, you might wonder. Well, they’ve retained the stock 5.4-liter block from the factory Ford GT and that’s about it. Everything else has been replaced with the biggest and baddest parts. The fuel injectors on this thing are enormous and so are the turbos. Twin 85 mm turbines run at 45 psi!

No one know how much power this thing puts out. Apparently, there’s no dyno that can handle the amount of power this Ford GT has. Out wildest guess would be 2500+ hp. The crazy part is, it’s street legal!

World’s fastest Ford GT hits 293.6 mph at Texas Mile:

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