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Guy stand on Lamborghini windshield


VIDEO: Standing on a Lamborghini Windshield is not a Bright Idea

People often posts images and videos of them posing with a Lamborghini. Every once in while, we see videos of a lunatic walking over a supercar. Now, here’s a person who thought standing over a Lamborghini windshield was a good idea. Of course, glass, being glass, shattered as soon as he stepped on it.

This short clip of a person posing for a camera while standing on a windshield was posted on Instagram. The guy hops over the car and steps directly on to the glass and the inevitable happens. The Huracan now needs a new windshield, which could cost around $3000-$4000.

Now, it’s unclear whether this person owns the car that he just broke. If he does, then surely money can’t buy you brains.

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