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Lamborghini Veneno


VIDEO: Shortest Ride in a 220 mph Lamborghini Veneno

H.R.Owens’ Lamborghini dealership in London had a very special guest visiting them for a few days. A Lamborghini Veneno was brought down all the way from Italy to celebrate the dealership’s sales success.

The news spread quickly and it didn’t take long for car spotters from all over the UK to pop down to take a glimpse of the rare supercar. Among the crowd were some lucky few who got the opportunity to get really close to the $6 million Lamborghini.

The Rawkus TV had the privilege to ride in one of the most special cars in the world. Albeit, a very short one. I’m sure it was a memorable experience though.

Shortest ride in a 220 mph Lamborghini Veneno:

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