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720S vs Demon-Dragtimes


VIDEO: McLaren 720S destroys a Dodge Demon in a roll race

Dragtimes raced a McLaren 720S vs a Dodge Demon and it’s bad news for the Dodge camp.

There has been sufficient evidence suggesting that the McLaren 720S is a serious fast car. Brooks from the Dragtimes Youtube channel has raced his 720S against a variety of supercars and has always come out on top.

On paper the Dodge Demon has almost 100 hp more than the 720S. However, the McLaren weighs significantly less. Besides, the 720S is a lot aerodynamic compared to the Demon which is basically a brick cutting through the air. Naturally, the McLaren destroys the Demon in a roll race despite the fact that the purpose-built drag car was not OEM drag radials and had power advantage.

That said, it will be interesting to see how the two fair on a prepped drag strip – the Demon’s home turf.

Dodge Viper ACR challenges a Mclaren 720S for a Roll Race

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