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VIDEO: Manny Khoshbin takes a Bugatti Chiron Test Drive

American real estate tycoon Manny Khoshbin has a Bugatti Chiron on order. There’s still some time for his new Bugatti to be delivered so he took one out for a quick test drive.

Not everyone is fortunate to get a Bugatti Chiron test drive. A private event was organized in sunny Malibu a couple days back. Select clients were invited to the exclusive event for a quick taster of the new Chiron.

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Motoring journalists from around the world have already sampled the Veyron replacement and as expected, the first reviews are positive, to say the least. The Chiron’s 1500 hp engine feels like a step up from the old Veyron.

The acceleration is relentless and according to Manny, the suspension feels a lot different. This comes from a man who owns a Veyron and a Mansory Vincero d’Oro. So, we can take his word for it.

Bugatti Chiron test drive:

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