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Lamborghini Aventador Centre-lock wheel failure


Video : Lamborghini Aventador Centre-lock wheel fails

A new video of the failure of the Lamborghini Aventador’s wheel nut has surfaced online. The centre-lock of the Lamborghini had to be removed using destructive methods, damaging the wheel in turn.

As per the video, the car is inside what appears to be a garage. The mechanics first attempt to release the locking nut with a long wrench for leverage, but it fails. Then, one of the staff comes in with a grinder and proceeds to cut the alloy wheel spokes. Towards the end of the video, we can see the damaged wheel and the offending centre-lock which had to be cut out of the car.


We are not yet sure of the reason for the failure of the same, but this could result in a significant cost if all wheels have to be removed in this manner.

Back in 2018, Lamborghini had recalled 8 units of the Aventador due to the wheel lock potentially becoming loose in certain situations. The problem was proactively fixed by the Italian carmaker. This failure didn’t lead to any injuries or reports of crashes.

Benefits of centre-lock nuts

The centre-lock wheels have only one hex nut holding the wheel to the hub. Conventionally, there are 4,5 or more nuts which hold the wheel to the hub. Hence, a high torque must be applied to tighten the sole nut. This requires a very long handled wrench or a high impact wrench to tighten or loosen the nut. Racing cars usually use this technology. During the race, the removal of one nut is faster than multiple when changing the wheels (tyres) during the race.

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