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AMT3-Kawasaki Ninja 900R-custom-trike


VIDEO: Kawasaki Ninja 900R-powered Custom Trike

This guy built a Kawasaki Ninja 900R-powered custom trike and it absolutely bonkers! Adam owns a fabrication shop in Vancouver where he built this rather extraordinary machine. He calls it the AMT 3.

The AMT 3 uses the engine and gearbox from a Kawasaki Ninja 900R. The air-cooled, carburetted engine puts out 145 hp and is paired with a sequential gearbox. That said, the vehicle weighs just 320 kg.

Adam custom fabricated the frame and other parts like the aluminium fuel tank. The steering components are from an Austin Mini and the uprights are from a Triumph Spitfire. The control arms in the front are custom made and is the rear swing arm. The carbon fiber front fenders are from a Lotus Super 7 and has a Wilwood brake kit.

Checkout Adam’s other creations at his website.

Kawasaki Ninja 900R-powered custom trike:

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