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Glickenhaus race car driver POV-VLN-Nurburgring


VIDEO: Glickenhaus Race Car Driver POV of 2017 VLN at Nurburgring

The Glickenhaus SCG003c race car is back at the Nurburgring for the 2017 VLN race. The following video of driver POV was captured during the qualifying session. It’s just another reminder of how difficult it is race these cars around an equally terrifying track like the Nordschleife.

There are multiple classes of cars on the track at any given time during a VLN race. These means, even during qualifying GT3 cars like the Glickenhaus have to pass slower cars as they negotiate their way around the 28 km (VLN configuration) long race track.

On top of all that, the view from the cockpit isn’t that great. The Glickenhaus does have rear facing cameras but the view out of the front is quite limited due to the roll cage and stuff. Moreover, it is quite a challenge to drive these cars around, let alone race them.

In comparison, Formula 1 drivers have better visibility and fewer backmarkers to worry about. I’m sure the ca

Glickenhaus Race Car Driver POV:

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