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Ferrari 488 GTB skids and destroys its tires


VIDEO: Ferrari 488 GTB Skids, Spins and Destroys its Tires

It is always fun to watch supercars being manhandled on a track. In this video, a Ferrari 488 GTB driver attempts to drift his mid-engine supercar but fails on multiple occasions.

The Ferrari skids and spins on what looks like a disused concrete runway. The result is quite obvious. While, the driver manages to keep the turbocharged 488 GTB from plowing into the crowd like a Mustang, he does destroy the tires on his exotic.

I’m sure replacement tires for a 488 GTB don’t come cheap. That said, the driver does need to work on his drifting skills.

Ferrari 488 GTB skids, spins and destroys its tires:

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