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Ferrari 458 Speciale Crash-Paul Ricard


VIDEO: Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashes on a wet Paul Ricard Circuit

The Paul Ricard circuit in France is known for its massive run-offs. The driver of this Ferrari wasn’t lucky enough and found a wall instead. His 458 Speciale crashed hard as he lost control during track day.

Recent rain showers had made the track wet, however it doesn’t look that bad in the video. It seems, the driver of the 458 Speciale was a bit to eager with the throttle. He lost the back-end was a passenger from then on wards.

The expensive exotic skidded off the tarmac and straight into the concrete wall. The following video which was recorded in a BMW M3 which had just been overtaken by the Ferrari shows the extent of the damage.

Ferrari 458 Speciale Crashes at Paul Ricard Circuit:

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