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VIDEO: Donuts in a Bugatti Veyron Mansory Linea Vivere

Bugatti Veyron Mansory Linea Vivere destroys its tires in one expensive burnout.

The tires on a Bugatti Veyron cost around $10,000 a pop. Also, you can’t just swap in new rubber at your local tire store. The rims have to be shipped over to France where Bugatti technicians meticulously glue new rubber on to the rims. It’s quite a lengthy process to be honest. All four tires on a modern Formula 1 car can be swapped in under 3 seconds. In case of a Bugatti, it’s about 3 weeks, I’m guessing.

So, what do you do with a Bugatti Veyron that’s consumed a set of tires. Well, you do a burnout and some donuts and create the world’s most expensive tire smoke in the process.

Daily Driven Exotics caught up with the owner of Royalty Exotics who owns a Bugatti Veyron Mansory Linea Vivere. This bespoke Veyron was in need for some new rubber, so the owner kindly obliged to a burnout session.

Burnout action starts at around 9.20.

This particular Veyron was put on sale back in September 2016 with a price tag of $2.45 million.

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