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Dodge Challenger Demon engine sound teaser


VIDEO: Dodge Challenger Demon Engine Makes all the Right Sounds

Update: Dodge Demon showcased at 2017 NY Auto Show- Price, Specs, Details

We’re slowly building up to the launch of the Challenger Demon. The teaser campaign launched by Dodge on Youtube is now in its tenth week.

The latest teaser video is all about engine sound. The supercharged V8 engine powering the Challenger Demon sounds brutal and makes all right pops and bangs.

Well, one would expect an 800 hp drag racer to be loud and Dodge seems to have delivered on that front. That said, the Challenger SRT Demon will be offered in race-ready trim straight from the factory.

If you didn’t notice, there’s another cryptic message hidden in the latest teaser video. The license plate reads, “3.9+221=405”. Take a guess and let us know what you make of it in the comments section below.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon engine sound:

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