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VIDEO: Chinese Woman Wrecks a Rental Ferrari 458 Italia

A supercar in the hands of an amateur driver can be a dangerous deal but a supercar in the hands of an amateur driver on wet roads? Well this is what happens.

It was going to be an amazing first experience driving a supercar for this woman from Wenling, China, if she hadn’t wrecked it. CCTV Footage shows the rental Ferrari 458 Italia sliding along a wet road at high speed before demolishing the road divider. The Ferrari then crashed into a BMW X3 and a Nissan saloon.

The woman recorded herself driving the car just moments before the crash. “First time driving a Ferrari. This truly is the most amazing feeling,” she said. Unfortunately, the “amazing feeling” soon turned into tears seeing the damage caused to the Ferrari. The entire front structure of the supercar was destroyed including the body panels, axle and wheels.

All we can hope is that the 458 Italia was insured, else the woman might have to spend a lot of Yuans or a considerable time in jail.


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