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VIDEO: Audi R8 Crashed at the Nurburgring

An Audi R8 crashed at the Nurburgring recently. The driver of the supercar lost control when the R8 went into oversteer while exiting a corner. The following video shows how difficult it is to manage oversteer in an all-wheel drive supercar.

Everything seems normal when you see the Audi R8 approaching the bend. It is only when the driver turns in does he realize that he has cocked up. From what I can gather, the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal while turning into the corner. This causes the back end to step out and before the driver could react, he is already a passenger. The R8 slams into the barrier. The front of the car takes a major hit as the air bags deploy. Again, all-wheel drive cars can be easy to drive fast but it requires special skills to manage a sliding supercar with 5.2-liter V10 engine in the back.

Audi R8 crashed at Nurburgring:

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