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Nissan Patrol-Porsche 918 Spyder Killer-The Grand Tour


VIDEO: The 918 Spyder Killer from The Grand Tour

This Nissan Patrol beat a Porsche 918 Spyder in a drag race. You might know this beast from The Grand Tour where Richard Hammond driving a 918 Spyder lost to an SUV.

As far as sleepers go, this is probably in the top-ranking elites. On the outside, it looks like a normal Nissan Patrol. Well, the large wheels and tires do give a hint.

It is basically a Nissan GT-R with an SUV body on top. The engine, transmission, front and rear sub-frame, suspension, brakes are all from a GT-R. Even small details like the door handles, hood vents, etc. are swapped off a GT-R.

The interior is part GT-R, part Patrol and it somehow fit together nicely. The most impressive bit though is the engine. Like I said, it is from a GT-R but has been bored out to 4.1-liters. The highly modified motor features massive turbochargers and an enormous intercooler. With some ECU remapping, it can delivery close to 2000 hp!

Now, that we know more about this 918 Spyder killer, it’s clear why the million dollar Porsche had no chance of beating this bad boy.

Also, I think that’s Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi  driving the Patrol. He recently took delivery of a Lamborghini Centenario.


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