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26-year old Subaru owner wrecks a Ferrari 458 Italia


VIDEO: 26-Year Old Subaru Owner Wrecks a Ferrari 458 Italia

A 26-year old Subaru owner managed to crash a $300,000 Ferrari 458 Italia. The sun was out and it was a perfect day for a cruise in the canyons. However, one should never take liberties with a high-performance, mid-engine exotic, especially when it’s not your car.

The Ferrari 458 Italia owned by Oxotic Driving Experience was being driven quite sensibly at first. That said, only until the driver decided to plant his right foot to the floor and feel the rapid acceleration. The driver was clearly overwhelmed by the performance of the Ferrari, especially compared to his WRX STi.

With rapid acceleration, it is usually the rear wheels that lose traction and the car spins out of control. In this case however, the driver understeered into the barrier which is quite surprising.

Scroll down and checkout the dashcam footage for yourself.

26-year old Subaru owner wrecks a Ferrari 458 Italia:

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