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Blue LaFerrari-Crash-Monaco


Valet crashes a LaFerrari into parked scooters in Monaco

A Dubai-registered LaFerrari has crashed in Monaco. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident. But, the car appears to have suffered minor damage.

According to videos shared on social media, a valet was at the wheel of the blue LaFerrari when the unfortunate incident took place. The video shows the LaFerrari pulling up outside the Rampoldi restaurant, just opposite Buddha Bar on Spelugues avenue.

For some reason, the driver gets out of the car and can be seen speaking to someone. That’s when the it starts to roll forward and hits the two scooters parked right in front.

The latter part of the video shows the same LaFerrari sometime after the accident. You can clearly spot the damage on the front splitter. Although minor, repairing a scratch on a $3.5 million LaFerrari won’t be cheap.

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