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Used Ferrari 430 Scuderia rakes up US$ 14,000 service bill

A used car purchase is always a tricky affair. Moreso if the car in question is a supercar no less. Today, we have one Ferrari 430 Scuderia owner who has shared his experience with the first service that he sent his car for. The owner received a bill of US$ 14,000.

Ferrari 430 Scuderi : Service in detail

The car was first sent to service sometime in December 2022 before Christmas. According to the technicians, the car needed new suspension bushings, rubber gaskets amongst other issues. The car was also reportedly leaking coolant, had door rattles along with loose tail lamps and more. The Ferrari 430 Scuderi was also missing door striker inserts and had rusty silencers.

All this was communicated to the owner via email after about a month.

After another month, there was one more email detailing some additional problems with the car. This happened after the mechanics started working on the car and opened her up. Amongst other things, there was a non functioning thermostat while the cam covers had to be repainted.
Apart from this, the car also got its regular service done up. This costs US$ 1,400 and includes replacement of filters – pollen and air, change of auxiliary belt, oil and oil filter and lastly the change of batteries in the keys.

The garage also said that the car’s brakes had worn, but were not an immediate concern. A set of tires would be needed while there was an interior trim that was not correctly set.

How does this compare to other supercars?

While supercars cost a lot and yes, essentially their service costs would be high as well, we have to remember that such cars are usually driven quite less. As an example, the Chiron’s 4th year service will set back owners by about US$ 34,000 no less. This is due to the replacement of front and rear axle oil, spark plugs, coolant, drive belt, hydraulic oil and filter, gearbox oil and filter, engine filter, and others.

Hence, while yes, this Ferrari cost its new owner US$ 14,000, he should be glad he didn’t have a Chiron.

Source : JayEmm on Cars via YouTube

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