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Used Bugatti Chiron for sale in Germany-1


Used Bugatti Chiron For Sale in Germany costs $3.78 Million

A used Bugatti Chiron just popped up for sale at a German dealership. The pre-spec’ed Chiron is unregistered and has delivery miles.

Auto Seredin is asking a whopping €3.57 million or approximately $3.78 million for this highly optioned out Chiron. The spec on this used Bugatti Chiron is pretty unique too. The exterior is finished in white with French Racing Blue accents. The wing mirrors are wrapped in turquoise carbon while the diamond cut wheels have blue highlights to match the exterior.

Used Bugatti Chiron for sale in Germany-2

The interior is a blend of expensive leather and carbon fiber. Every surface is wrapped in leather in the shade of Gris Rafale grey with French Racing Blue stitching and quilting on the seats.. It has the optional carbon steering as well as carbon door sills.

Used Bugatti Chiron for sale in Germany-4

It’s definitely a well spec’ed Chiron with loads of options over the base price of $2.5 million. If you place an order for brand new Chiron today, it would take at least a few years for your car to be delivered. According to Auto Seredin’s website, this Chiron will be ready in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

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