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US-spec Bugatti Chiron spotted in France-3


US-spec Bugatti Chiron Spotted in France

US-spec Bugatti Chiron spotted in France-3

Here’s another Bugatti Chiron story to brighten your day. This time, it looks like a US-spec Bugatti Chiron is being put through its paces. The $2.5 million hypercar was spotted near the Bugatti factor in France.

The first thing note here is the orange side light at the edge of the front fender that is mandatory for cars plying on US roads. American regulations prescribe car makers to install bumpers of a specific size and shape. If you look in to the history of US-spec cars, the protruding bumpers have always ruined the looks of some of classic European sports cars including the Porsche 911. A similar feature can be seen on the rear end of the US-spec Bugatti Chiron.

US-spec Bugatti Chiron spotted in France-2

We thing it looks absolutely hideous and hope that Bugatti come up with a better solution. That said, the US-spec Chiron will have the same 1500 hp W16 quad-turbocharged engine. The Chiron has the potential to be one of the fastest road cars but for now, the top speed is pegged at 267 mph and that’s not slow by any standards.

US-spec Bugatti Chiron image gallery:

Source: Magazin Prodriver CZ

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