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Two killed in Lamborghini crash in Las Vegas


Two Killed in Lamborghini Crash in Las Vegas

A student and his driving instructor were killed in fiery Lamborghini crash in Las Vegas on Sunday. The client was driving the supercar at the time while the instructor was in the passenger’s seat.

The car veered off track and hit a wall before bursting into flames. Both occupants were killed instantly on impact. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the instructor employed by SpeedVegas was in his 50s and was a “longtime professional driver”. The other deceased is believed to be in his mid-30s.

The accident took place during a SpeedVegas event where clients get to drive around in expensive, high-performance supercars. The “supercar experience” center offers customers to drive high end exotic cars on the “longest and fastest racetrack in Las Vegas”.

The crash brings to light the risks involved when it comes to training newbies in high performance cars. Events like these offer a great chance to experience these exotics first hand. But, one should never get carried away in the process as you are responsible for your as well as your instructor’s safety.

Also, if the instructor pushes you to go faster, never even get close to your limits. Because, if talent runs out, things can go awfully wrong.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, Jill via Twitter

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