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Top 3 Tips to Safely Remove a Car’s Engine

There are many reasons that you may have to remove a car’s engine, whether for your own personal vehicle or a customer’s car, if you work in a garage or workshop. Common reasons include problems such as a damaged, seized engine, for cleaning or simply if the engine is being upgraded to something more powerful. Whatever car is being worked on, it is essential that the engine is removed safely and carefully to avoid (further) damaging the vehicle or causing injury to those involved. Here are our top 3 tips to safely remove a car’s engine.

Use Reliable Tools

The process of removing an engine from any vehicle can take a while, even if you’ve done it many times before. Especially for older vehicles where parts of the engine may have become rusted or fused together, the correct tools are required to first disassemble the engine and then fully remove it from the car.

As car engines are fairly heavy, it is vital that you use sturdy and reliable engine hoists and stands that will safely maintain the weight. Trying to lift it yourself or with a makeshift hoist runs the risk of dropping and further damaging the engine or the vehicle.

Know the Engines

Car engines are not all the same. They have undergone many changes throughout the years, as new technologies are developed. There are various types of car engines. So, it is essential to know the basic engine layout before attempting to remove it.

This will ensure that the important elements are safely removed before it can be taken out. For example, removing a V8 or V12 engine can be a little more complex than a four-cylinder engine. Plus, there will be differences between car manufacturers in terms of the engine and how it is wired up. So, knowing the best course of action to avoid making a mistake is essential and it’s always advisable to refer the user’s manual.

Work Together

If you’re aiming to remove your car engine with just the aid of an online guide, then it’s advisable to seek the help of someone who has prior experience. Working as a team will speed up the process and allow you to support each other to overcome any challenges.

These three tips can make removing a car engine a lot simpler and safer, whether doing it for your own or a customer’s vehicle.

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