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Top Gear Season 24 Confirmed. New Series starts on March 5

Now that you’ve finished watching The Grand Tour, it will be soon be time to tune in to Top Gear season 24. The new series starts on Sunday, 5 March.

BBC has been releasing trailers of the upcoming series in the last coupe of weeks. Today, they confirmed the launch date along with the star cast of the show.

Chris Evans as we know is out of the show. A new trio is back at the helm lead by Matt LeBlanc with Chris Harris and Rory Reid completing the main team. Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan will also feature on the new show.

Meanwhile, the latest trailer of Top Gear season 24 looks very exciting. Among the cars that will feature in the new series is a LaFerrari FXX K which will be driven by Chris Harris. Matt LeBlanc will be taking an Aston Martin DB11 on an adventure. While, Rory Reid will be exploring a new form of motorsport involving an old Mercedes.


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